Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lelilia of those moments and people I will not forget .
In the morning when I was putting my new jewelery pieces in the gallery window ...I was arranging one of my favorite necklaces ...with a thought ....that this piece can be worn only by a woman who is not afraid to stand out ...
When I left my studio and returned to the gallery later in the day I met a lady who was trying the piece I displayed earlier. It was so perfect on her I just created it especially for her.
But when she removed the necklace from her neck I realized she had survived cancer of the larnyx and had to speak to speak to me from a mechanical voice box in her neck. All I could say at this moment was...."I am sorry I did not see it "

She gave me this big hug with such a good energy. It was so emotional ...we all started crying. She had never been able to cover her wound and replacement voice been able to cover her wound and replacement voice box in a beautiful way and was so happy ! The next day she and her husband stopped by the gallery again....I wanted to hear her story .

Sometimes we accidentally stumble upon people, a thought or even an object that can help free us from bondage .

lives in Suriname ...she did not go out much were people could see her ...avoiding restaurants and even some family events because people were always staring and she had become self conscious.

Cancer and the results of surgery have stolen the life she once knew and replaced her days with a struggle to cope with so many new circumstances.
In the middle of her throat there is now a large hole covered with a plastic tube and round white disk. It is the only way she can breathe and speak.

She has loving husband who was with her during these not easy days ...years .

In the big city there are more people living with laryngectomy but Suriname it is something that many people don't understand and they are even afraid of .... looking at.

I ask her to tell her story and discuss things she is going through every day inspire other people .
I felt like I had to do something ..with taking photos of her ...encouraging her to start writing ...she has a voice ...she told me a story how she wants to encourage the manufacturer of her replacement voice box to make a dark color to mach the skin color of a black person. Maybe my blog can help get this process started.

She inspired me too ...I want to make collection of jewelry called her name "Lelilia"....and design glamour pieces which will make the precious machine which is helping her breath and speak look not so visible.

Moments like that day..I feel like I live for see somebody discover a piece of art that I create and have it become such a part of them ...their lives. It transforms my work into something more than I imagined gives it a real purpose. And once again I know why it is called the creative spirit ....this is why I have such a passion for being an artist and being able to create my dreams and visions.