Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iron Paradise - Indiana Columbus and Third Annual Iron Exhibition

I want to put this photos ...out there for my friends to see ...soon I will write more about the process ....and great people who were there .
Now I have to run to the studio ....good day

Day two ....nice to wake up with such a view.

We went to warehouse to work on our pieces.

...this pice will be part of the necklace ...

Day four ...trip to get a stone

Community workshops for 3 days ....120 people

Day five , day six ....
work in the foundry ..
making molds ,
opening of the exhibition

In the foundry ....day and late at night ..great team work ...

This is the pieces I made from my drawings - reliefs - ready for casting in iron.

Setting up the exhibition.

Day six- iron pour.

my pieces.....before and after..... they still needs more work ...refinish is going to happen in my studio.

My amazing artist friends ...

Work from people who join community workshop.

Foundry in Columbus first help us to put this all iron pour together , gave us space , materials , help with the pour ...and then they gave us this award in the end of the iron pour .
Yes ...I am going back there next year ...great people ...special place.

Columbus Area Arts Council and Jim Brenner for putting this event together and inviting me.