Friday, May 15, 2009

At the at the MCA warehouse.

At the at the MCA Warehouse.
I came to this event early ...people were still gathering so I had a great opportunity to photograph the installations inspired by the Buckminister Fuller and Olafur Eliasson exhibitions at the MCA. This event was being held in the warehouse which is a pretty amazing place where the art collections of the MCA are stored. The warehouse design is just great a long hallway on your way to the party through the glass separating me from the massive art collections I could see all the procedures used to properly store, catalog and even ship iconic artwork. This building is not only a warehouse for art it is a space often used for special events. The event I was attending was organized by i4design magazine and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) hosted the evening of art installations and music for special guests of Art Chicago. It was a super event which brought together artists from around the world, gallery owners, collectors . Here are the first few minutes ....the first few shoots I took before the crowds arrived to enjoy the evening.
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago-warehouse
i4design-magazine for Art Chicago

You can become entangled in art when you visit Chicago!

Art Consultant Susan Wilczak and her husband

One of the ways of taking a self portrait the way it was great video installation and I am not the girl in red I'm in silhouette!

I was totally fascinated with the reflection in the window of the Object-Installation by Wolfgang Semmelrock ...a happy moment with my camera and I was glad to learn that the artist appreciated my little impression of his work .