Saturday, November 21, 2009

My necklaces for a wall.....casting in Indiana Columbus.

My pieces ...ready to pour the sand over them.

Making sand molds.

Look like my necklace has a hart.

My iron necklace I .
This is necklaces for a wall.
The chains for them...
I am going to draw directly on the wall.

Necklace II.

Close up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

4rd Annual Columbus Indiana Iron Pour

Big thank you to Jim Brenner and David Smith with a amazing people from the Foundry who has been most generous with us.
"The Columbus Museum of Art & Design" was Co-Sponsoring our cast iron event and exhibition this year with the Indiana Area Arts Council.
It was great team work with
Artist participating

Aaron Leif Nicholson

Dara Benno Araan Schmidt

Coral Lambert
Felicia Glidden

Kristin Brenner
Jim Brenner
Jeffrey Kalstrom
Bob Pulley

Kevin Dartt
Todd Frahm
Michele Signorino
.....and me

Iron pour....after a week of working
to prepare for it.

I look iPhone different after we use it
to level my sand mold from my sculpture
right before purring the iron in to it.

Iron pour fashion.

This is how our stay in Indiana Columbus started...
in the foundry making sand molds.

Super men working in the foundry.

This men are working really hard ...
This is just a part of all of their molds
they were using for iron casting.

I love metal in any form...look like abstract painting.

Community scratch block workshops.

Exhibition showing art work of the artists
who were part of the iron pour.

Sculpture huggers.