Sunday, April 18, 2010

F. Chopin

I sculptured composer Fredrick Chopin using historic artistic and photographic images and a live model for bone structure to create his likeness. I transformed his wispy hair into a Divi Divi Tree to symbolize the link between Curacao and music that has so influenced the culture on this small Caribbean island. The clay sculpture was presented at the Bicentennial Chopin Concert held in the Fortchurch on Curacao featuring pianist Harold Martina. Now I am seeking a sponsor to cast this work of art in bronze so it will become a lasting tribute to the influence Chopin has had on her island home of Curacao. Born in Poland this is a very meaningful project for me.

Bicentennial Concert of Frederic Chopin

Fortchurch, en eighteenth-century church on the Caribbean island of Curacao, opened the door to commemorate the birthday of the great composer, as a part of the worldwide celebrations.
My projection welcomed everybody before the concert of Frederic Chopin's compositions.

Photo of my sculpture of Chopin projected over the Fortchurch.

Maestro Harold Martina ...perform that night ...and moved audience to tears.

In the background there is my sculpture of Chopin. Still in clay. I was working on this piece to the day of the concert. Now is ready for casting in bronze.

Millicent Smeets-Muskus - organizer of the concert and lover of Chopin music , Jean -Jacques Rojer, Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Emily De Jongh Elhage.

Polish Ambassador in Venezuela Mr. Krzysztof Jacek Hinz

My friend Amal Hammound...

The Music of Frederic Chopin has grown into the roots of this island, and that was my inspiration. This sculpture shows the symbolic connection between the composer, roots

and dividivi trees of Curacao.

Polish Ambasador in Venezuela Mr. Krzysztof Jacek Hinz, acting Governor Mrs. Dr. Adele van der Pluym-vrede, her husband.

Frederyk Chopin, Jolanta Izabela Pawlak, Harold Martina
Maestro Harold Martina