Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sculpture of Papa Godett in bronze.

Commission for a sculpture of Papa Godett.

For this project she had to work with pictures and memories of someone who passed away. “It is always easier to work with a live model. Working with just photo images of a person who is not physically there, can be a challenge. The Godett family was so great about sharing their memories of Papa Godett with me, which enabled me to approach the project from a more personal perspective. It is a way to honor their memory of him.”

Clay begins the transformation into the likeness of Papa Godett.
Details of his facial features come to life as the piece progresses.

I was inspired by historic photographic images and stories told to her by the Godett family.

The finished clay form is completed with the addition of the glasses and hat he was so well known for wearing.

Family members who commissioned the sculpture of Papa Godett gather to approve the clay before the casting process begins.

The clay form begins it's transformation to bronze when a plaster form is created, making a mold of the sculpture.