Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Wishes for the New Year 2012 !!!!

My memories from Curacao.

I love this photo. Yes they were not too impressed with Santa and this is tough job in Caribbean temperature ...hang out in this red suit ...

Three different scarves which I painted and use screen printing technique to transfer my photos in to the fabrics.

Across the US in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco four “Simply Perfect” Art Project studios occupy formerly vacant storefront windows that have been transformed into spaces of creativity and imagination for nearly 30 up-and-coming artists. Given approximately one week each, artists will create an original painting, sculpture or other work based on their personal interpretation of Patrón tequila’s “Simply Perfect” mantra.

This is pieces which I created.

Brown Gold size 42''x28''
In all pieces Brown Gold, Silver Gold, Fine Gold I used double layer of fabric which is sew together in the tub form . This scarf has painting all the way around ...Can be hang on the wall or be worn in different forms ( No problem to wash it in cold water )

I strive to create diverse art experience, in this piece all media intertwine to create asculptural body rap, painting, photography together mixed mediainstallation where one form inspires the other.This piece mounted on the wall can exist by itself,sculptural object, in harmony with peoples lives. Or can define them becoming cultural statement. Fabric gives endless possibility, the way we wear it in different cultures changes the meaning of the piece. It becomes apainting we decorate ourself, eloquent medium to create visual story.

Silver Gold size 26"x24''

Fine Gold size 31''x28,5''

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My new artwork at Patron Simply perfect Patron 1-7

Beginning, November 15 and continuing through December 31, 2011, the Patrón “Simply Perfect” Art Project will showcase live, working art studios at 50 East Chicago that offer emerging artists the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind works of art for auction in support of four local organizations across the country, including CAC in Chicago. To see the artist schedule, bid on the produced artwork or learn more about CACs participating artists: Richard Shipps (Nov 15-21), Jolanta Izabela Pawlak (Nov 22-28), Cydney M. Lewis(Nov 29-Dec 5), Shawn Stucky (Dec 20-26) and Stephen Flemister (Dec 27-31), please click HERE. To stay up to date on the project, visit our facebook page.

Day screens are ready ...they look like paintings.

                                             Day III... first layer of paint on the fabric.

Day IV I am working so much better after dark
This is my photography which I transferred into the fabrics using silk screen technique.
But they will not look like that without hand touch ...long hours touch...that was where all the fun begin.
Day V
This is photo of my sculpture in iron
which I transformed into the silk screen image and printed on the fabric.
Day VI
All of this images coming from my photos ...which I transform into the silk screens.
I silk print images over each other to get the effect I was looking for ....and spent hours with a brush blending them together.

Day VII last day
I need to find a studio
where part of the work I will be doing in the window.
I did not realize how many people are interested in process of creating
and surprising I was able to get into my "working zone"
I thought it will be harder with people looking through the window.

My New Relief Sculpture and Iron Pour - Columbus 2011

Casting of hot iron

Power of teamwork.
Thanks for help to all
my friends who were part of this Iron Pour.


Preparation for casting .
Yes..I love texture !!!!

Sorry to see completed piece in iron you need to wait
to my exhibition.
Hopefully something comes my way.
Please ...Send me email
if you would like to be invited.