Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soul Beach Festival Aruba 2008

Usually I prefer to tell the story of places and people I experience only with my photos, however, this time I need to use words to describe how powerful the voice of an artist can be. Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Curacao's sister island Aruba and attend the Soul Beach Festival, and I want to share some of that experience.

During the festival I attended the event press conference, which felt more like a family gathering rather than an official event. Sinbad, a well recognized actor and comedian from USA, who was also at the press conference, was more than happy to mingle with everybody taking pictures. He seemed completely at home, introducing his family as though he was at a barbeque in his backyard. The impression I got from him was that this man really feels at home in Aruba. He keeps going back there over and over.

Wyclef Jean also seemed to feel the same way, appearing at the press conference with his deep and meaningful message instead of an unnecessary entourage.

Born in Haiti, he spoke openly about his strength and sense of pride that is part of his heritage, using his voice and charisma to spread the message and shape a better future for his homeland. His Yele Foundation helps to make a difference in education, health and community development in Haiti through various projects, from donating computers for schools to donating five chickens that can provide food for a family in need.

According to Wyclef Jean, "Haitians are not for a gift or straight aid, but for a loan or an education or an opportunity". This is the message the Yele Foundation represents, and through their efforts they strive to provide their country with a good start.

Wyclef's Caribbean spirit embraced the audience during his performance on Saturday night.

He appeared on the stage wearing a carnival mask, and it didn't take long before the crowd was singing songs in his native language, filled with the spirit of the festival and spreading the Caribbean fever.

Before long Wyclef disappeared from the stage and sank into crowd.

He knew just who to invite on stage to join him, singer Ledisi. Her vocals exploded over the crowd like nothing you have ever heard before, from jazz divas like Anita Becker to Janice Joplin, Ledisi pushes her voice to the very last breath in her lungs.

Yes ....Erykah Badu....was a reason why I came to Aruba.
...HER VOICE ....ENERGY ...There is no words to describe it .

This woman is so unique with her voice and style ....

I play her music in my my studio...

she is inspiration ...her music is such a part of my creative process..

during listening to her music ..I made one of my favorite pieces of the rings ....I called her name and I knew one day I am going to give it to her

I am happy that we had a chance to meet ..she likes this pieces is part of her life her music is part of mine.